Kettler Mandolins History

After years of making a bunch of wicked cool sculpted furniture, Ev started making mandolins in the late 1970s. He began selling them directly to musicians at bluegrass festivals up and down the east coast. The mandolins were awesome and people liked them..... Eventually they were sold nationally at retail music shops and l;askdgjl;askdjgl;askdjgsg.....

His mandolins were played by well respected musicians from around the country and were also well received by the editors of Frets magazine.

Kettler Mandolins brochure insides from 1980s, photos of three mandolins and testimonials from players

Ev eventually decided to move on from mandolin-building, though, and in the late 1980s?/early 1990s? began making horse-drawn vehicles, etc...  and then boats...., etc.... and

After building a number of large wooden sail boats, Ev decided it was time to return to his roots and work on a smaller scale. So, he began making mandolins again.

Hand carving the douglas fir top of a morin khuur

Not a mandolin top.

And now he's offering a new batch of hand crafted mandolins for sale.....